Newcomer Joey Hyde recently visited the Taste of Country Nights studio to chat with host Sam Alex about everything from his turning point in music, to why he was such a big (self-proclaimed) nerd growing up.
Hyde, a Grand Rapids, Michigan native, made one overnight trip to Nashville that changed his life forever. He made the commute from Lexington, Kentucky with his parents and visited RCA Studio B, which gave him clarity.

“We came down here for an overnight kind of trip to hang out and we did the Country Music Hall of Fame,” he recalls. “And then did the RCA Studio B tour and I ended up playing the piano in there for a minute — and that was kind of my turning point of ‘I need to move here’ kind of thing.”

But the rumor surrounding doesn’t sound quite like the “true” story, however. The gossip was that the long-haired singer had broken into the studio to play the piano. “I did not sneak in. You got some bad information,” he says with a smile. “I follow the law of the land. I’m a good American.”

A lot has changed for the ‘Get It On’ singer since he was 17 and playing piano at the studio. He says back then, he pretty much had no talent — at the piano, at least.

“I was not good at 17. I’m still working on that part — the quality thing,” Hyde admits. “I’m a terrible piano player, I like just plunked out a couple of chords. In marching band I was actually drum major. I was the one conducting.”

Although Hyde may not look like your stereotypical band geek, he admits that he was — he even wore a hat in the band.

“I was the king of nerds,” he dishes, adding, “I did some knee kicks. I was the No. 1 nerd.”

The singer may have been a nerd then, but he’s not looking like a nerd anymore now that his debut single ‘Get It On’ has been released and he’s opening on the road for Kip Moore. Now he’s the king of cool country newcomers.
Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.